We asked a selection of our clients and experts from within our team to rank which corner guards they think looked the best, to assist you in selecting the most attractive corner protection solution for your project.

The results were very interesting. Not surprisingly, full height corner guards dominated the top spots across the board, with 4 of the 5 being full height applications.

Here’s how they ranked

  1. Full height flush mounted
  2. Full height Tape-On
  3. Full height Palladium 3D trim Corner Guard
  4. Full height 160 Series High-Impact Corner Guard
  5. Part height 3D trim Palladium®

Full height flush mounted

I am not surprised that this topped the charts as the most attractive. Some clients that used it, thought that it added character to the wall. The beauty of the flush mounted system is that you don’t need to compromise on the impact resistance to select a corner guard that is minimalistic or attractive. Because the mechanics of the corner guard are rebated within the wall cavity itself, the corner guard can maintain a flush appearance. These get widely used in aged care facilities and also in hospitals seeking to create an attractive yet resilient interior. That said, they may not be the ideal solution for every application. I suggest you read this first before you decide.

Full height Tape-On

This is my personal favourite and unbeatable in its minimalistic appearance. When it is an exact colour match to the wall, you can be forgiven for not even realising that it is there. It seems a bit odd, a bit of a paradox trying to draw attention to something that you don’t want anyone to see. That’s why we circled it in the picture below. The is the perfect corner guard for aged care corridors and although it appears very thin, it is actually still quite robust. The tapered edges of the corner guard help it blend in with the wall. Despite all the excellent characteristics, it is also the most cost-effective of all the corner guard options, making it the most popular corner guard we offer.

Full height Palladium 3D trim Corner Guard

This is the Rolls Royce of corner guards, so why shouldn’t it be in the Top 3? And No, it is not minimalistic because its not meant to be. When using 3D trim corner guards, you want people to see them. The below application was used on a column in an Aged Care, from floor to ceiling, to provide the appearance of a timber moulding, but protect the vulnerable column from wear and tear. Like all corner guard options, it is available in 80+ solid colours as weall as 20+ Woodlands timberlook colours.

Part height Palladium 3D trim Corner Guard

Now for our first part-height option. Similar to Number 3, this application of Palladium 3D trim will draw your eye to the corner guard, but when it is used alongside 3D trim wainscoting, dado rails and skirtings, this complete system is a very high-end and attractive option.

Full height 160 Series High-Impact Corner Guard

As with the Top 3, the 5th is also full height *Surprise*. The 160 Series (50x50mm) surface mounted corner guard is used as a cost-effective option where high-impact resistance is needed and/or it is fitted to an existing wall, so cannot be flush-mounted. Even though it protrudes approximately 8mm from the wall, by running it floor to ceiling, it helps minimise the clinical look that is often associated with corner guards. Just like the one below, we are even seeing these used in high-end Aged Care facilities where required.