Door Face Protection & Kick Plates

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Door Face Protection & Kick Plates

Stainless Steel Door Kick Plates

Door Face Protection & Kick Plates

G2 BioBlend® Door Kick Plates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes and No. Palladium Rigid Vinyl which comes in 100+ different colours and finishes is not recommended for exterior use as it is not suitable for extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. For exterior applications we would recommend stainless steel kickplates or if the quantity is large enough we can also powdercoated kickplates in Colorbond, Dulux or Interpon finished.

Yes, door face protection is very commonly used to protect doors from damage due to pets, such as dogs or cats, and other animals. Palladium Rigid Vinyl has a smooth stipple texture that will protect the door from this wear and tear, whilst blending in with the door colour.

No, both Acculine and Acrovyn are different door & wall protection product brands. Read this article for a more in-depth comparison

Doors are relentlessly pushed, banged and kicked open. Don’t let heavy traffic lead to damage, keep your doors in pristine condition with IPC® Door Kick Plates.

Why Door Kick Plates?

Door Kick plates are an essential protection because they offer protection from scratches and dents. Use rigid vinyl sheet, stainless steel, or other decorative materials for a kick plate with great impact protection.

Secure your home with safety door kick plates. Be sure to measure the width of the door frame precisely.

Dulux colour Matches & LRV GUIde