Door Protection

  • Stericore Antimicrobial Door Hardware

    Stericore Antimicrobial Door Hardware (2)

    SteriCore™ Antimicrobial Door Hardware is manufactured from a durable one-piece moulded polymer, containing 25% silver ions, to kill any harmful bacteria that lands on its surface. With push and pull handles and a lever handle set, the SteriCore™ range should be suitable for almost any door application.
  • Door Kick Plates

    Door Kick Plates (3)

    Doors are relentlessly pushed, banged and kicked open. Don't let heavy traffic lead to damage, keep your doors in pristine condition with IPC® Door Kick Plates. Why Door Kick Plates? Door Kick plates are an essential protection because they offer protection from scratches and dents. Use rigid vinyl sheet, stainless steel, or other decorative materials for a kick plate with…
  • Door Frame Protection

    Door Frame Protection (2)

    Door frames are vulnerable to damage from foot traffic and moving equipment, often requiring repair or replacement throughout the life of the building. The addition of door frame guards protects frames from damage by trolleys, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. Each building is different, so our door frame guards can be custom formed to ensure a perfect fit and lasting door…

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