Are Acculine & Acrovyn The Same Thing?

One question we get asked a lot is ‘Are Acrovyn and Acculine the same thing?’

Although very similar, they are not the same thing.

Both are brands of Door & Wall protection products. Acculine products are supplied by Acculine Pty Ltd and Acrovyn products are supplied by Construction Specialties Australia Pty Ltd. Like original established brands such as Band-Aid, Bobcat and Gyprock – Acrovyn has traditionally been associated with Door & Wall protection.

Although there are plenty of similarities across the range of handrails, corner guards, door protection, frame protection, crashrails etc. there are a few areas that a discerning designer might see differences.

Colours: Typically Acculine colours are more muted tones, however both cover the full colour spectrum from Whites to Black and plenty in between. Acculine’s Inpro Palladium range has 81 standard solid colours, 15 Woodlands timberlook colours and 10 Elements colour. Acrovyn’s equivalent product range has 60 standard solid colours and 33 Chameleon/Brushed Metal range colours advertised on their website at date of publication.

Texture/sheen: Acrovyn has a fine grain and glossy finish, while Acculine has a wider smooth stipple texture in a matte finish. The difference in sheen level is most likely due to differences in base material composition rather than manufacturing process.

Materials: Acrovyn product has traditionally been PVC-free (made from PETG plastic), although much of their range is now available in PVC in recent years. Acculine’s Palladium Rigid Vinyl products consists of a PVC base material.

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Acculine is commonly misnamed Acrovyn (and sometimes the other way around), however we trust this brief guide provides you some clarity, next time you are wondering what the difference is.


What is Acrovyn?

Acrovyn generally refers to the material Acrovyn 4000, which is a PETG plastic (sometimes referred to as PVC-free), made in the United States of America and is designed to protect walls, doors and corners from damage. As mentioned above, the term Acrovyn now also broadly refers to a PVCu material manufactured in Europe known as Acrovyn 2000.

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