What Does Wall Protection Cost?

Wall Protection Cost, is always one of the first questions clients have when looking into different options to protect their wall from damage. This is a very common question that we get on a daily basis, but we get it. Price is a very important factor to consider when budgeting for your next project, hence the reason for trying to give you a bit of insight in where the cost is made up.

Firstly, there are numerous different ways that you can protect your walls from damage, including numerous different colours ranges and variants, which do vary the price, making it tough to determine an accurate price. However, I will do my best to provide some realistic price budgets.


Palladium Rigid Vinyl Wall Protection

Palladium Rigid Vinyl comes in over 100 different colours covering the standard solid colour range, Woodlands colour range and Elements colour range. Typical sheet sizes are 1220x2440mm and 1220x3040mm, however other sizes are available on request, and it can be cut down to a custom height rubstrip (i.e. 200mm wide), hence why we have shown approximate m2 rates below. (The variables within the price range below may include quantity, expediting and cutting to size)

Solid Colour (material only): $100-150/m2

Woodlands (material only): $125-180/m2

Elements (material only): $125-180/m2

*Most colours are held in stock. If product is not a common colour and is not in stock and is required within less than 12-14 weeks (project leadtime), allow an expediting cost of approximately 10% on your budget.

Wall Guards (crashrails)

Acculine’s Inpro Wall Guards are ideal for high traffic damage from trolleys and beds that occur at a consistent height (Find if they are a suitable solution to protect your walls). These extruded profiles come in 3660mm lengths, varying from as little as 50mm to 200mm in height. Once again, these are available in standard solid colour range and Woodlands colour range. Use of wall corner protectors is one of the best possible option.

Below is a budget rate for the smallest (50mm high) and largest (200mm high) profiles to provide an idea of costings.

Solid Colour (material only): $30-80/lm

Woodlands (material only): $35-100/lm (note: 76mm wall guard doesn’t have woodlands available.)

*If colour is not in stock and is required within less than 10-12 weeks (project leadtime), allow an expediting cost of approximately 10% on your budget.

All of these numbers and prices are very general. Still, I hope this article helps you to have a better feel for the cost of protecting your walls from damage.

We’re happy to help you get an actual price for wall protection and recommend a viable option, if you contact our team for a prompt quote.

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