Door Frame Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, our TotalWrap one-piece door frame protection can be custom made to suit any steel door frame profile.

Yes, however timber door frames are not always built plumb and level, so some modification to the frame may be required. They will also vary in size a lot more than a steel door frame making the cost significantly higher per unit.

Yes, one-piece Door Frame Protection will last a lot longer than 2-piece or 3-piece frame protection. 2 or 3-piece frame protection tends to seperate from the frame when it is hit multiple times, whereas one-piece TotalWrap frame protection clings in a snug fit to the frame. Multi-piece frame protection is generally joined together with vertical caulk joins. These caulk joins fail over time creating an infection-control issue. The multi-piece frame protection also takes longer to install than a one-piece TotalWrap door frame protector than clips easily over the frame. Some hospitals have seen multi-piece frame protection fail in less than a year. If installed correctly, one-piece frame protection should protect the frame for 25+ years with only cosmetic marking to its surface. Watch this video for more information.

Palladium Rigid Vinyl is the material that almost all Acculine Door & Wall protection is made from, including Door Frame Protection. It is a plastic material that consists of a PVCu compound and is free from harmful pthalates and plasticisers that are typically associated with PVC materials. The ‘Palladium’ material and name is a registered trademark of Inpro Corporation Ltd who produce the material.

Yes, Acculine offer all our door and wall protection range in G2-Bioblend as an alternative to Palladium Rigid Vinyl, where a PVC-free option is required, although availability may vary. Typically though, PVC-free options are weaker than PVCu options as they lack the flexibility. To learn more about our G2 Bioblend material option, read the following articles – Is It Really Green? An Insight Into PVCu Vs. PVC-Free Wall Protection Options and G2 BioBlend® – Our PVC-Free Alternative.

Door Jamb Protectors

Door frames are vulnerable to damage from foot traffic and moving equipment, often requiring repair or replacement throughout the life of the building. The addition of door frame guards protects frames from damage by trolleys, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. Each building is different, so our door frame guards can be custom formed to ensure a perfect fit and lasting door frame protection. In busy areas, our high impact door frame guards provide superior protection against heavy abuse.

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