Door Frame Protection is an essential element to any hospital or aged care that wants to make a quick and significant impact on their ongoing maintenance (patching & painting) costs. Door frames are very vulnerable to getting hit by trolleys, beds and people, but are the most difficult part of an interior to protect due to their complex shape and large variance in the number of profiles.

Traditionally Door Frame Protection has been made out of 2 or 3 pieces, but thanks to improvements in skills and technology it can now be made as a one-piece wrap, custom suited to your door frame profile.

We used to make frame protection out of multiple pieces (which was the easy way out), but it wasn’t what our customers really wanted.

We constantly received the following feedback…

  • Looks ugly
  • Ok for back of house, but would never use them on the bedrooms (Aged Care client)
  • Dust gathers in the caulk joins… when the caulk joins fail they are impossible to keep clean
  • When a passing trolley clips them, they peel away from the frame and are really hard to put back on

While other suppliers continue to make them from multiple pieces, we were determined to challenge the status quo.

What if we could…

  • Make them out of one-piece, with seamless internal folds, so there was no need for ugly caulk joins?
  • Custom make them to be an exact snug fit to the door frame, so they would take whatever was thrown at them?
  • Wrap them back into the wall, so there was no chance of it getting snagged by a passing trolley?

We set to work. We wanted to produce something that we were proud enough to use in our own home.

We succeeded.

Not only can we now manufacture one-piece full wraps to protect even the most complex custom door frame, but we can also manufacture them the full height of the door frame. This provides a truly seamless appearance and the feedback received and projects we have completed speak for themselves…