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Crash Rail Wall Protection

30SS Stainless Steel Wall Guard

Crash Rail Wall Protection

50AA Aluminium Wall Guard

Crash Rail Wall Protection

50SS Stainless Steel Wall Guard

Crash Rail Wall Protection

1600 Series (150mm) Wall Guards

Crash Rail Wall Protection

1400 Series (100mm) Wall Guards

Crash Rail Wall Protection

700 Series (200mm) Wall Guards

Crash Rail Wall Protection

200 Series (30mm) Wall Guards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Not all wall protection needs to be Group 1 fire rated as it depends on the building application. Hospitals are the only buildings that need to have Group 1 fire rated wall linings under the BCA. Acculine’s Palladium Rigid Vinyl 1.5mm thick wall protection is Group 1 fire rated to Australian standards, so is widely used in hospitals across Australia. Wall Guards, Handrails and other attachments that protect walls cannot an ISO9705 test as a wall lining, due to the nature of their application. If they cover less than 25% of the wall area and are made from the same Palladium Rigid Vinyl material then they are generally deemed suitable for Group 1 applications. Read this article for a more in-depth information.

Palladium Rigid Vinyl is the material that almost all Acculine Wall protection is made from. It is a plastic material that consists of a PVCu compound and is free from harmful pthalates and plasticisers that are typically associated with PVC materials. The ‘Palladium’ material and name is a registered trademark of Inpro Corporation Ltd who produce the material.

Yes, Acculine offer all our wall protection range in G2-Bioblend as an alternative to Palladium Rigid Vinyl, where a PVC-free option is required, although availability may vary. Typically though, PVC-free options are weaker than PVCu options as they lack the flexibility. To learn more about our G2 Bioblend material option, read the following articles – Is It Really Green? An Insight Into PVCu Vs. PVC-Free Wall Protection Options and G2 BioBlend® – Our PVC-Free Alternative.

Interior Wall Protection

Wall protection is an essential finishing touch for any busy area where trolleys or vehicular traffic is present. No matter how careful staff are, interior walls and corners still incur damage from trolleys, wheelchairs and beds in any hospital corridor or public center and you would require interior wall protection to ensure safety & hygiene.

Eliminate the need for continual touch ups and patching of walls and corners by installing rigid vinyl sheet. Our vinyl is stain, scratch, impact, fungal and bacterial resistant and is fire rated for Group 1 building to ensure compliance & you get hygienic wall protection for your walls & corners.

Wall Corner Protectors

Adding our range of interior and hygienic wall protection solutions is the ideal way to reduce expensive repair and maintenance costs for your building, while maintaining a fresh new look for your interiors. Also using wall corner protectors would be the best possible solution.

  • Group 1 Fire Rated Wall Lining certification
  • G2 BioBlend (PVC free) option
  • Available in full colour range

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