Our Story

Our Story

Acculine was founded by a World War II veteran. Keith McLerie served in the Australian Infantry between 1940-1945 in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, working as a medic on the frontlines. Although the facilities that he worked in are a far cry from the hospitals and care facilities that we work in nowadays, today his family in the 2nd and 3rd generations continue his legacy of caring for those in need.

Our Legacy

Founded on the principles of generosity and caring for others, Acculine continue to create a legacy that will live on, through the oncoming 4th generation and beyond. That said, our Acculine team are kind of like one big family. Our core principles guide everything we do. We are committed to improve the lives of everyone we come in touch with, and are glad to have made a positive difference to countless persons lives.

Keith McLerie with some of the native children he helped care for at Rabaul

Here are a few ways that we have brought our legacy to life, by making a lasting impact to our community…

Vasey RSL Care

For King & Country! We know we have a lot to owe to those that have served our country and protected us. Vasey RSL Care does an excellent job caring for retired army veterans, and we felt indebted to show our support. In 2020, Acculine supplied a Poppy Wall Mural for their ANZAC Day ceremony, made from our Aspex backprinted clear wall protection and contributed $4000 towards the cost of this project.

GiveBack Program - Bird Feeders to Aged Cares

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, it was our Aged Care residents that suffered most. We saw firsthand the effect the loneliness and isolation had on this vulnerable part of society. How could we find something to keep the residents occupied, not just temporarily, but into the future? One of the team suggested providing kit-form flat pack bird feeders to Aged Care facilities around Australia. This was an excellent initiative that engaged the aged care residents and staff, and was something that would last long into the future, bringing joy and satisfaction to future residents as well. We have since enjoyed seeing the photos of the residents and the local bird life that these have attracted.

Our Team

Our passionate team is committed to exceptional service, and between us we have decades of combined industry experience. We welcome communication from our clients: please feel free to connect with us here.

Andrew McLerie

Harvey McLerie

General Manager

Kumar Dipal

Project Estimator

Perri Delany-Miller

Sales Co-ordinator

Chelsea McLerie

Marketing Coordinator

Nirmala Arulananther


Roy McLerie

Operations Manager

Kenny Bang


William Camilleri


Philipp Dardzinski