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  • Expansion Joint Systems

    Expansion Joint Systems (25)

    Acculine supports a comprehensive range of architectural joint systems, suitable for thermal and seismic conditions for both exterior and interior applications. Our Jointmaster expansion joints are custom-designed, with fully integrated floor wall and ceiling systems that provide seamless sightlines. There are many different forms and sizes available for each different application: surface mount designs are ideal for renovations, or snap-fit…
  • Room Divider Systems & PPE

    Room Divider Systems & PPE (9)

    Acculine offers a host of different systems to create physical barriers between people, to provide easy and flexible patient privacy and infection control, for both temporary or permanent applications. Maximise patient privacy Flexibly divide open spaces Creates physical barrier between people for better hygiene Clear acrylic allows for visual communication without the risk
  • Wall Protection

    Wall Protection (24)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Interior Wall Protection Wall protection is an essential finishing touch for any busy area where trolleys or vehicular traffic is present. No matter how careful staff are, interior walls and corners still incur damage from trolleys, wheelchairs and beds in any hospital corridor or public center and you would require interior wall protection to ensure safety…
  • Door Protection

    Door Protection (7)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Door protection is one of the most important ways to ensure that the doors of your building is safe from long-term damage. The importance of door protection comes from the simple fact that doors are one of the most vulnerable areas in a building that is susceptible to a significant amount of long term damage and deterioration. This…
  • Corner Guards

    Corner Guards (13)

    Corner guards reduce the incidence of damage to walls and are a cost-effective way of reducing maintenance costs and the need for regular repairs. Protection of corner walls from damage and keep your facility looking newer for longer with corner guards from Acculine. Whether you need a quick fix or an integrated, heavy duty solution, we have the right corner…
  • Handrails

    Handrails (12)

    Interior Handrails ensure the safety of staff, residents, clients and visitors at transition points in and around your building. Protect your interior walls from damage and safeguard the people who rely on your buildings from slips, falls and dangerous microbes with our variety of ADA and ANSI compliant handrails. Our handrails for interior are available in a wide range of…