One question we get a lot is ‘can you send me some colour swatches so I can check what colour my paint needs to be’. Every week we send colour swatches to architects and interior designers across Australia and leave it up to them to do the same with their paint manufacturer before making a decision. We know that sometimes this can take days, if not weeks, which is precious time in today’s fast-paced design & construct world.

As an interior designer, architect or building owner, you need the tools to make the right colour choice to match your paint with your wall protection colour selection, and you need them fast.

Good news. We have done the work for you, to make your job easy. It is now available right at your fingertips.

DOWNLOAD: Dulux Colour Match Guide

Simply download our Dulux colour match guide below to ensure that you are selecting the closest Dulux paint colour to the nominated Acculine Inpro colours of your choice.

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