There is a widely held misconception that interior Door & Wall protection is just for hospitals because it looks clinical and institutional. (Those that don’t know it call it ‘plastic’, those that have experienced it call it ‘Palladium Rigid Vinyl’.)

We disagree however, and it is by disagreeing and challenging the status quo that the Acculine brand has been forged.

Keeping Buildings Looking Newer for Longer

That’s what we do. We understand that your building is your masterpiece and its interior needs to be beautiful as well as functional. This has led us to constantly innovate to find ways to make products more robust while making them more minimalistic.

We work with Aged Care groups and Interior Designers all across Australia and here’s what they say…

“I like your Woodlands range – it looks like real timber” – Interior Designer (Arcare/Knowles Group)

“Your product looks very nice indeed!” – Interior Designer (Craig & Co.)

“My initial concern was that interior protection would institutionalise it. Now I see that it can actually blend in” – Opal Aged Care executive

“The 3D trim looks great!” – Interior Designer BVN

Here are ways that we achieve the look our clients want…

  1. Colour matching: Our extensive range of muted tones line up with the most popular residential paint finishes
  1. Flush mount or slimline: Interior protection doesn’t have to be thick and chunky to do the job. Using slimline or flush mounted options can reveal the system within the substrate, appearing flush and still take a beating
  1. Full height: Running Door Protection, Frame Protection and Corner guards to full height is a perfect way to conceal their existence.
  1. 3D Trim: 3D trim deserves a category of its own, because it is really a unique solution that is highly customizable and configurable. It can be used just like common timber mouldings, but is wrapped in our Palladium Rigid Vinyl, to ensure that it doesn’t chip, splinter or dent.
  1. Realistic Timberlook finishes: Solid colours only work on painted surfaces. However sometimes you might want the warm feel that timber provides. … Everyone that we have shown our timberlook finishes are surprised at how realistic they are. Just like a laminated timber veneer, even timberlook handrails are becoming the handrail of choice in aged care and hospitals.

Meet Me – The 940W Handrail

940W Handrail

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