Flush Mounted Corner Guards (sometimes called Flush or FS Corner Guards) are rebated into the wall cavity to make them appear ‘flush’ with the wall surface, rather than protrude out from the wall. There are a number of things you should consider if you are contemplating using flush mounted corner guards on your project, or else you could be taken by surprise.

Consideration 1 – When should they be installed?

The flush mounted aluminium retainers are installed after the plaster/drywall is hung and the topcoat of plaster is screeded into the retainer. This provides a small window, relatively early during construction, so you need to ensure that you procure the material in sufficient time. Often the corner guards are procured too late, once the wall is already built and surface mounted corner guards are the only alternative, other than rebuilding the wall.

Consideration 2 – Designing the wall to suit

Because they are rebated into the walls, the wall needs to be designed specifically to suit flush-mounted corner guards. The studs at the wall corner need to be set back to allow the retainer to be rebated. Download our product drawings to ensure that your setout is correct.

Consideration 3 – Concealing the aluminium retainer

Because a small portion of the retainer is still exposed even when the coloured Rigid Vinyl cover is installed, it is recommended to prime and paint the retainer or powdercoat the retainer prior to installation. This greatly improves the aesthetic appearance of the corner guard, enabling it to blend in with the wall colour.

Consideration 4 – Should be installed Full Height

It is very common to see flush-mounted corner guards specified to half height. Although this seems logical on paper, it is often not always logical in practice for a few reasons

  • If the corner guard stops halfway up the wall, it is very difficult for a plasterer to achieve a quality finish where it transitions from a corner guard to a plastered wall corner.
  • The transition from corner guard to plastered corner can provide a vulnerable area for damage to occur in the future
  • The closure caps (gaskets) on flush mounted corner guards can be difficult to maintain and can potentially pose a safety risk if they are sharp

Consideration 5 – Not suitable for Acoustic or Fire rated walls

Because the corner guards are rebated within the wall, a previously acoustically rated or fire rated walls integrity will be affected. Although Acculine have the ability to apply fire retardant insulation or acoustic insulation, no flush mounted corner guards are currently tested to an Australian standard, hence this needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Consideration 6 – Price

Flush-Mounted Corner Guards are typically more expensive overall than a standard surface mounted corner guard, for supply, as well as for installation. As a rough guide, the price point could be more than double a basic surface mounted corner guard.

Having said that, the minimalistic look that flush mounted corner guards create as well as their great impact performance, makes them a very popular selection for both Aged Cares and Hospitals alike.