Video Transcript:

Hello, it’s Harvey from Acculine.

Today I’m going to show you how to measure the custom angled corner guard. Because not all walls are 90 degrees and suit a 90 degree corner guard. Some walls, such as walls within ensuites and some corridors, are often obtuse that is wider than 90 degrees, and they still need to be protected with a custom angled corner guard. So today I’m going to use this corner as a demonstration. I know it’s roughly 90 degrees, but I’ll still hopefully be able to demonstrate on how to measure it.

Question we get a lot is do you need special equipment to measure a custom angled wall for a custom angled corner guard? If you have got a bevel from Bunnings or something like that, that may be easy, but often you don’t have one to hand. The good news is we have a free tool for download on our website in a soft copy format, so all you need to do is to simply print it out and it’s ready for use.

You’ll also need a hard surface such as a book, a ruler and a pen. First, step, fold along the dotted line of your protractor measuring tool. Secondly, secure it to a hard surface to make it easier to measure, when you trace your line. Take the protractor measuring tool up to the wall that you’re going to measure and hold the axis point on the very corner of the wall. Ensure that the 180 degree mark is hard up against one side of the wall as shown, and using your ruler, trace the ruler horizontally up against the other section of the wall and extend it onto the protractor measuring tool, tracing a line. Where this line falls will give you the degree of the corner that you’re measuring.

In this instance, the corner we are measuring is 88 degrees, only two degrees less than 90. In this case, a 90 degree corner guard would be fine for this application, but let’s say we’re measuring a more obtuse angle corner such as 135 degree, which is common because it’s in between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Repeat the same steps again and trace your line onto the protractor measuring tool. And where the line falls will give you the exact angle, to make a custom angle corner guard.