Hospital, Medical and Aged Care beds are not your average bed. They are like a bed on steroids. They can go up, down, backwards, forwards – you name it they can probably do it.

Walls can’t.

When the bed meets the wall, then something has to give. Because this bed is a fang-dangled beast, it is generally the wall that ends up on the bottom.

Not literally, but it may as well be when it has a gaping hole gored through its guts.

Hospitals have long used practical yet somewhat clunky means to keep the beds from hitting the walls, such as the 1300 Series bedbumper (mounted to the floor or the wall) or the 800 Series (mounted vertically on the wall). Although acceptable for most hospitals, it generally doesn’t cut it in an Aged Care or high-end private health facility. I mean – would you want them installed in your bedroom? Probably not I am guessing.

Aged Cares need a bedhead that looks attractive, AS WELL AS protects the wall from any marauding beds.

To make this possible, we looked to our Palladium Rigid Vinyl range, for ways we could customise it to achieve a high-end interior, while maintaining the durability that it required. Below is a list of ideas for inspiration, that we have tried and tested and found work extremely well and suit a range of budgets.

Palladium Rigid Vinyl Sheet – colour matched (Click here for product)

The No.1 rule with Aged Care interiors is –

‘If it isn’t an attractive feature that you want to see, make it so you can’t see it at all’

The secret to achieving minimalistic bedhead protection options is to colour match it to the wall paint colour behind the bed, so it blends in. To ensure you achieve an exact colour match, refer to our Dulux Colour Match Guide.

The very most you will see is a thin line where the wall protection terminates at the painted wall. This can be capped off with a perimeter dado rail or Palladium 3D trim section to eliminate this transition.

Bedhead protection cops a beating, so it is important that you fix it to a sturdy substrate, rather than just plaster. An MDF board or impact-resistant plaster board works well behind the 1.5mm thick Palladium Rigid Vinyl.

Palladium Wall Panels

While Palladium Sheet bedhead protectors work well as a cost-effective and minimalistic bedhead protection option, sometimes clients want it to appear as a feature on their wall.

Palladium Wall Panels combine the durability and wide colour range of Palladium Rigid Vinyl wall protection with a factory-fitted robust MDF substrate for enhanced impact resistance. The edges are trimmed with matching protection, making them a attractive feature panel behind any bed. Unlike laminated veneer panel, Palladium Wall Panels are designed for wall protection, as the Palladium veneer is thicker, more durable and not installed using traditional contact adhesive which dries rigid and brittle, allowing very little cushioning movement upon impact.

Palladium 3D trim & Wall Panels

Now, this is the Rolls Royce of bedhead protection.

In case you haven’t met 3D trim before, it consists of Palladium Rigid Vinyl (as above), custom wrapped around MDF mouldings, to create a durable yet beautiful features in any interior. It is also very popular as a skirting, dado or feature wall, due to its versatile nature. When combined with Palladium Wall Panels, this trim makes a very attractive bedhead option that is also extremely durable.

The only consideration when designing the bedhead is to ensure that there are no ledges on the feature wall (bedhead) for the bed to catch as it goes up and down.

Apart from that, the pictures speak for themselves.