Door Edge Protectors

The area of the doors most susceptible to chipping and gouging are the leading edges of the door . Direct impact from trolleys, wheelchairs and beds are the most common causes. Acculine Door Edge Protection comes in a variety of different materials, including our Palladium® Rigid Vinyl, G2 BioBlend®, Stainless Steel and other custom materials to suit your unique requirements.

Regardless of your door width, the leading edges of your doors will be exposed to a significant amount of damage over time. This wear & tear can make them look significantly older than they are. In most cases, individuals choose to completely replace the door, or just leave it as it is with a compromised edge.

However, door edge protectors (also known as door edge strips or door edge guards) offer a much simpler and cost-effective solution. The purpose of a door edge protection is to mitigate or completely eliminate any kind of damage that a door edge may be susceptible to. They can also sometimes be fitted over existing damage to save having to repair the existing door.

Door Edge Protection can be installed into existing doors as well as new doors. It can be rebated into the door to provide a flush finish, as well as surface mounted to the door leaf, due to its minimal thickness. This minimal intrusion is important, as an attachment that juts out could potentially compromise whether the door opens and closes properly. They are commonly used in any residential or commercial building, particularly hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels and schools.

The best part about our door edge protectors is that they can seamlessly fit in with the interior design colour scheme and blend into the door without standing out.

  • Corridors
  • Offices
  • Store rooms
  • Back of house areas
  • Locker rooms
  • Hospital wards
  • Protects the most vulnerable part of the door from damage
  • 25 year product warranty (Palladium® system)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Minimalistic in appearance


Standard Lengths:
  • Custom sizing to suit door thickness and height (partial or full height applications)
  • 1.5mm thick (standard)
  • Material:
  • Palladium® Rigid Vinyl
  • G2 BioBlend® (non-PVC)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Standard Lengths:
  • 914mm (3')
  • 2440mm (8')
  • Others:
  • L-Shape or U-Shape options
  • Available with or without adhesive tape
  • Colours: