JHC stands for Joint Health Command. During 2018 the Department of Defence received approval to upgrade existing or construct new hospitals on their garrisons across Australia at around $212.5 million.

Acculine identified these projects early on and assisted the various stakeholders on the projects to ensure the most durable yet viable Door & Wall protection options were selected.

Acculine supplied to numerous builders across Australia for these projects, but worked especially close with Kane Constructions on their 3 projects in NSW, ACT & VIC. These were JHC Holsworthy at the Holsworthy Military Barracks (NSW), JHC Duntroon at the Royal Military College, Duntroon Barracks (ACT) and JHC Simpson at the Simpson Barracks in Yallambie (VIC).

We began at JHC Holsworthy in 2018, delivering the first project seamlessly, however don’t take it from us. Here is what the Site Manager had to say about Acculine after his experience on JHC Holsworthy.

“The project went seamlessly with Acculine managing the package the whole way through, from procurement to completion. Their communication, workmanship onsite and commitment to get the job done is what sets them apart.”

Acculine then went on to secure the JHC Duntroon project in early 2019 and then the JHC Simpson project late 2019 which both ran seamlessly from procurement to completion.

Everyone has horror stories of Door & Wall protection catching the slow boat, resulting in materials running late and ultimately delaying handover. So much so that it has got a bad name for itself in the industry – but that doesn’t have to be. Your experience can be as seamless as it was for Kane Constructions.

We are turning the industry on its head with the fastest leadtimes and largest local supply in Australia of Door & Wall protection, as well as having the widest colour range and product offering of any supplier. Yes, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.