Keeping building interiors ‘Looking Newer for Longer’ is what we do best. In this case it was better late than never.

Acculine consultants worked with the team at Arcare to scope out the needs of the existing facility, approaching it as a challenge, with the #1 rule being to provide maximum protection with minimum aesthetic impact.

Arcare Aged Care is renowned for creating stunning architecturally designed living environments. Quite simply, they look beautiful, homely and luxurious.

However, they are not immune to the wear and tear that comes with large-scale pedestrian traffic, wheelchairs & walking frames and catering trolleys.

The first 2 sites completed were Glenhaven and Warriewood. This is the first of many Arcare sites and the results speak for themselves.

Products featured:

The Refurb Manager that we worked with, liked the ‘hands on approach’ of the Acculine team that gave them ‘confidence and trust’ in the outcome.