Vasey Care provides much needed care services for retired army veterans that have served our country well. The link between Vasey and Acculine goes back a long way and is much more than something superficial or transactional. Read on for more information.

For the past few decades, Vasey Care have proved the benefits that preventative maintenance offers. Instead of having a reactive patching & painting program, Vasey progressively fitted out their corridors and rooms with Palladium® Rigid Vinyl and Tape-On Corner Guards, below their dado rails. The durable yet minimalistic protection has helped maintain the homely feel in the facility day-in-day-out. When asking one of their facility managers what they thought, these were their words:

“The best bit about it, is that it keeps on saving. Whereas if you were to paint a wall it could be damaged again tomorrow. There is nothing you can do about it.”

In 2020, Acculine provided a poppy wall mural from Printed Palladium Wall Protection to the Vasey Frankston facility, contributing $4000AUD towards the cost. Here’s why…

Acculine was founded by World War II veteran, Keith McLerie. Keith served in the Australian Infantry between 1940-1945 in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, working as a medic on the frontline. Hence why Acculine continues to support those who care for those that serve our country.

For the team at Acculine, each project is not just a number. We love seeing the way we can enhance the resilience of interiors, to improve the appearance, rather than take away from it. The poppy wall mural is a stunning example of where both form and function blend seamlessly in together.