Enhancing Adventcare Nunawading Aged Care with Acculine’s 940W Handrails

Contractors: SJ Higgins (Builder), CHT Architects (Interior Design), Silverfox Management (Project Management)

Product: Acculine 940W Handrail

Project Focus: Installation of New Handrail Systems in Aged Care Facility

Completion: 2022


Adventcare, a provider of aged care services, sought to enhance the interior of their new facility by focusing on both attractiveness and minimal maintenance requirements. In collaboration with SJ Higgins, CHT Architects, and Silverfox Management, Adventcare aimed to implement a solution that would endure high traffic conditions without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


The primary challenge was to select a handrail system that could withstand the rigors of a high-traffic aged care environment while maintaining an attractive appearance reminiscent of traditional timber in their new aged care extension. The need was for a durable, maintenance-free solution that would not require frequent replacements or repairs.



Acculine’s 940W handrail was chosen for its unique qualities that met all of Adventcare’s requirements. The handrail, which mimics the look of real timber, is actually made from Palladium Rigid Vinyl, making it both splinter-proof and highly resistant to wear and tear. This material choice ensures durability and longevity, key considerations for facilities with a high degree of daily use.


Acculine worked closely with SJ Higgins to ensure the successful and timely installation of the 940W handrails throughout the new facility. The project involved:

  • Detailed consultations with CHT Architects and Silverfox Management to align the installation with the overall interior design.
  • A phased installation plan that allowed for quick adaptation to the construction schedule, ensuring no delays to the facility’s opening.
  • Training for facility maintenance staff on the simple care requirements of the new handrails.


The new Adventcare facility opened in 2022, featuring the Acculine 940W handrails, which significantly enhanced both the safety and aesthetic appeal of the interior spaces. The handrails’ timber-like appearance integrated seamlessly with the facility’s design, while offering superior durability and low maintenance.

Client Feedback

Following the successful implementation in the new facility, Adventcare was impressed by the quality and appearance of the 940W handrails. They subsequently contracted Acculine to replace all old timber handrails throughout their existing facilities. Acculine conducted a comprehensive site audit, assessed the existing installations, and utilized the existing mounting bracket locations to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. These replacement works are currently underway.


The collaboration between Adventcare, SJ Higgins, CHT Architects, Silverfox Management, and Acculine illustrates a successful integration of functional requirements with aesthetic desires in an aged care setting. The Acculine 940W handrails not only met but exceeded client expectations, leading to an expanded role for Acculine in upgrading Adventcare’s older existing facilities. This case study showcases Acculine’s commitment to providing high-quality, durable solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aged care sector.