If your walls could talk, they’re probably saying “HELP!”  Crowded corridors, cleaning equipment, and everyday wear and tear leave your walls asking for help. Consider protecting them with a durable (and stylish!) wall cladding product.

Palladium® Rigid Sheet is our most popular product, and it’s installed in thousands of facilities around the globe. It’s safe to say our rigid sheet is a major hit…and it can take one too!

So if you’re ready to give your walls the protection they’re asking for, here are 6 things you should consider when specifying rigid sheet products.

  1. Pick your product: Palladium® Rigid Vinyl or G2 BioBlend®

Palladium Rigid Vinyl provides tremendous impact resistance and long-lasting durability.  It’s why vinyl is used so extensively in building construction and renovation.

Some might ask: What about vinyl and phthalates? Simple answer:

Architects, designers, building owners and occupants do not need to worry about phthalates when specifying Acculine’s rigid vinyl because the material contains no phthalates. Period.

Acculine also offers a non-PVC alternative: G2 BioBlend® — a reformulated PETG manufactured using a biopolymer blend. It contains up to 20% pre-consumer recycled content and rapidly renewable biopolymer.

  1. Finishing touches – Trim vs. Caulk

An additional consideration is how you’ll put the finishing touches on your sheet: trim pieces or color-matched caulk.

Deciding which to use is really based on two factors:

  • Aesthetics – the application of trims provides a more highly finished look to the installation. Caulks finish the seam only, but do provide some appearance of “smoothing” by making seams less visible.
  • Cost – the installation of trims can be more expensive, especially due to the labor involved in cutting and placing. Caulk can be less expensive and less labor intensive to install.

One caution on applying trim to sheet: The trim pieces do protrude a bit from the wall. It’s possible for carts, gurneys or wheelchairs to snag and tear off the trim piece. It’s rare, but it can happen. Caulk may be the better finishing option for seams where snag potential may be high.

  1. Add your style: Colours, Woodgrains and Patterns

Acculine’s Rigid Sheet comes in three standard color or pattern options:

  • 81 Standard Colors
  • 15 Woodlands™ Faux-Wood Patterns
  • 15 Elements™ Patterns

Important Tip! Looks can be deceiving … so be sure to always order a physical sample for the most accurate color representation.

  1. Add your style: Colours, Woodgrains and Patterns

Acculine offers a notched trowel for smooth and proper adhesive installation, and an extension roller to speed installation, ensure proper bonding, and smooth out the sheet goods.  FastFill™ Color Matched Caulk helps seams disappear.

Three adhesive choices are available and recommended:

  • Inpro® Bond
  • 3M Fastbond™ 30 Contact Cement
  • XT-2000+™ Adhesive
  1. Help is a click … or phone call … away

Acculine provides extensive installation instructions to guide material prep and set-up, field cutting and fabrication, and installation of our rigid sheet products.  Finally, help is just a phone call away. Give us a call at (03) 9334 5911.

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