Misconception: All stainless steel corner guards are created equal

Right?… Wrong!

The Acculine stainless steel corner guard has inbuilt safety features that set them apart from other corner guards.

Radiused corners and edges

Stainless steel corner guards are notorious for having razor sharp corners. We have heard stories of skin being sliced open when patients are brushing past. Whether it be an elderly resident at an Aged Care, a patient in a hospital or a busy nurse, these sharp nasties wont blunt over time and are on the lookout for their next unsuspecting victim.

Most stainless steel corner guards are custom fabricated with a metal guillotine and a brake press folding machine. Guillotines can only cut square edges, so in most cases, deburring and creating radiused corners is an extra process or simply cannot be done.

All Acculine stainless steel corner guards are supplied with a 3mm radius as standard to each corner to ensure that no injury can occur.

Yes, it is probably not the easy way out, but safety always should come first.

Mental Health Solution

Acculine’s stainless steel corner guards can be used in some mental health applications, where there is a risk of the corner guard being removed to cause self-harm or harm to others.

If a corner guard is only adhesive fixed to the wall then it risks being removed, even when anti-pick caulking is used. Acculine can supply stainless steel corner guards with pre-drilled holes for our proprietary anti-tamper fixings, to ensure a mechanical fixing to the corner guard that isnt at risk of removal. The fixing is also encased within a cup washer to provide a flush countersunk finish.