We are not always the best fit and there are times when you are better to go elsewhere, or simply leave things as they are. If you are wondering this very thing, then read on.

Ask yourself the following questions. If the answer to any of these is YES, then maybe Acculine isn’t the best solution

  • Your building is nearing the end of its life: The benefits of Acculine products only get fully realised after they have been installed into a building for a couple of years. Although Door & Wall protection does make an instant saving in maintenance costs, the initial outlay may take in excess of 12 months to generate an ongoing Return on Investment for the lifetime of the building. If this is your situation, then you may want to look into a short-term fix until the building is moved on.
  • You are not concerned about the appearance of your building’s interior: Our prime goal is to reduce the aesthetic impact that interior protection and expansion joints have on your building’s appearance. If you don’t care about looks, either because the building is not your own or it is a solely industrial facility, then we probably aren’t the ideal fit.
  • Your building is outside Australia: Currently Acculine only service Australia. That said though, we do have contacts in most countries across the globe that we can refer you to, to service your needs.