What Do Corner Guards Cost?

Firstly, there are numerous different corner guard options, each with their own specific purpose. The below guide should give you a comprehensive overview of the costs, however for a more in-depth analysis on pros and cons and applications of each, please look at my blog – What Corner Guard should I use? – in-depth analysis.

This isn’t the only impact on cost however. There are some other common variables which come into play also, such as…

  • Colour range: Our 80+ standard colours are the typical base point, especially common colours such as whites, greys and blacks. However corner guards also come in the Inpro Woodlands and Elements colours as well and cost approximately 30% extra than a standard colour.
  • Height/Size: Corner Guards come in various wing sizes, from 19x19mm up to 75x75mm and lengths up to 3.66m long. This is an obvious one and as a rule of thumb you can assume that a full height corner guard would be double the cost of a 1200mm high corner guard.
  • Expediting: Although Acculine has the largest stock of Door & Wall protection products in Australia (including Corner Guards), due to the wide range of colours that we offer, it can mean that it isn’t always in stock. If you need your product quickly in a small quantity then this option is often pursued. As a rough guide, it can cost approximately an additional 30% on a stocked item.
  • Cutting/Fabricating: Corner Guards often need cutting to a specific size or custom fabricating to suit a specific need. Although a very minimal cost implication, this is a consideration.
  • Angle: Typical corner guards are 90°, however the High-impact and Tape On corner guards also come in 135°. Odd custom angles can be fabricated in house. 135° and odd angles are typically an additional 25% cost of a 90° Corner Guard.

Bearing in mind the factors above, the costs of each corner guard type can vary significantly within each product type. The below price range, when taking into account the other factors mentioned should provide a relatively accurate budget estimate.

  • Heavy Duty corner guards for vehicular or heavy traffic – used in back of house areas, carparks and the like. A typical budget range for a high-impact corner guard is from $35-$350

I sincerely hope that you found the above guide useful and look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects. If you require a more accurate budget proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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