Each year, Acculine’s team supplies and installs an increasing number of projects with heavy duty back-of-house wall protection, particular checker plate wall protection. Metal checker plate has a distinctive diamond pattern protruding from its surface that helps conceal marks and scratches that the rigid surface will show over time.

Metal checker plate is a popular heavy duty wall protection solution for a number of reasons, including its rigidity, its durability, its appearance and its cleanability. A question we often get asked is – how does Aluminium Checker plate compare to our NuTree Diamond Plate heavy-duty wall protection?

Below is a brief outline on the pros and cons of each, so you can work out which is the best solution for you.

  • Your wall protection is subject to direct sunlight (i.e. installed externally) or extreme temperatures: NuTree Diamond Plate is not suitable for outdoor use as the material is not UV stable. Metal checker plate is the go-to option for any external areas that need protecting.
  • Your wall protection will be subject to direct impacts from trolleys etc.: Both NuTree Diamond Plate and metal (Stainless steel or Aluminium) checker plate will be suitable, however a direct hit will more likely dent the 2mm thick aluminium or stainless steel checker plate (due to its rigidity) rather than the NuTree Diamond Plate, which is 3mm thick and has greater absorption upon impact.
  • Your wall protection will be subject to glancing impacts from trolleys etc.: Both NuTree Diamond Plate and metal checker plate will be suitable, however over time these glancing blows will likely scratch a shiny metal surface more than the NuTree surface.
  • Your wall protection will be subject to sharp impact: Although both NuTree Diamond Plate and metal checker plate will be suitable, metal checker plate will resist sharp impacts better than NuTree Diamond Plate, as the Diamond Plate is a polymer, making it more easily cut than a metal.
  • Your wall protection will need to be easily cleaned i.e. clinical clean: Metal checker plate has a smoother and more rigid surface than NuTree Diamond Plate, which has a fine texture to conceal fine scratches. Although the NuTree material is of food grade quality, the metal checker plate will prove superior for a clinical clean where removing all dust and marks is important for infection control reasons.
  • You are concerned about the visual appearance (aesthetics) of the wall protection: Aluminium and Stainless Steel checker plate has an attractive shiny appearance when new, however this will show dents and scratches more easily than NuTree Diamond Plate. Generally this only comes in mill finish (no coating), however it is possible to powder coat aluminium checker plate upon request, although it is also important to note that powder coating will also wear following impact damage. NuTree Diamond Plate comes in two different colours – Black and Grey. Although not a wide colour range, these colours do a better job concealing black rubber marks from back-of-house trolleys than metal checker plate.

If you are very concerned about appearance and want it to blend in with your interior design, check out our Palladium Rigid Vinyl wall protection colour range as a potential option.

  • You are concerned about the cost of the wall protection: NuTree Diamond Plate is generally approximately 10-20% cheaper than aluminium checker plate and approximately half the cost of stainless steel checker plate (supplied & installed).
  • You are concerned about the environmental impact of your wall protection products: Although environmental impact needs to take into account the life expectancy of the product when making calculations, you cannot beat recycling as an environmentally friendly option. NuTree Diamond Plate is a recycled plastic wall protection, making it great for the environment as well as a durable, heavy-duty wall protection solution. Aluminium and Stainless steel checker plate will not be recycled, however it is possible to recycle it once its life expectancy has past, given that it is a metal.

View SHORE School Case Study and photos below for an example of NuTree Diamond Plate wall protection in use.

View photos below for an example of Aluminium Checker plate wall protection in use at the VCCC Hospital.