Ten Of Our Favourite Pinterest Boards For Health Care Interior Inspo

The internet is a fantastic source of design inspiration for health care interiors, and there is no better destination than Pinterest. We’ve put together a list featuring ten of our favourite health care interior boards, to help get you started.

BOARD NAME: Health Care Interior Design

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/bnoeld/health-care-interior-design/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This board features a number of healthcare interiors with muted colour palettes and lovely organic finishes. Woodgrain, stone, neutral colours and textured wall surfaces are all featured – along with other nature-themed ideas as well.

BOARD NAME: Health Care Interior Design Products

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/jenreinink/health-care-interior-design-products/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: All the inspiration you need is here – there are a number of wall swatches and moodboards featured on this board, and there are also several pins that link to articles about making healthcare interiors more accessible to people with disabilities as well.

BOARD NAME: Hospital Interior Design

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/popo541/hospital-interior-design/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Many styles are covered in this board, from industrial-inspired looks to cutting-edge futurism, contemporary minimalism and organic textures. There is a real focus on lighting as well, which is something that often gets overlooked when it comes to interiors.

BOARD NAME: Health Care Interior

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/factinteriors/health-care-interior/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: More organic textures and nods to futurism here as well. There are lots of pins for super-modern finishes that look like something from the not-too-distant future. Sleek lines and organic shapes predominate here, and there are also nods to the inclusion of vegetation inside interiors too.

BOARD NAME: Children’s Hospital Interiors

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/avivabrooks/childrens-hospital-interiors/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Children’s hospitals by their very nature are furnished quite differently to other healthcare facilities, and this board features many quirky and colourful examples of how this has been done well. Fun, colourful and funky interiors are in large supply on this board.

BOARD NAME: Inspiration – Health Care Interior Design

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/Stilesdp/inspiration-health-care-interior-design/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This board features hospitals that have exceeded their functional purpose to become beautiful. Looking more like modern art galleries than health care facilities, these inspiring interiors show that hospitals can embody an unexpected aesthetic appeal.

BOARD NAME: Oncologist Health Care Interiors

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/exhalecreative/oncologist-health-care-interiors/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: As can be expected, these interiors for oncology wards and offices are calm and restful, furnished in muted neutrals that are easy on the eye. The organic minimalist style really comes into its own for these interiors, with smooth edges and soothing colour palettes predominating.

BOARD NAME: Interior Design – Health Care URL: https://au.pinterest.com/annasurbannest/interior-design-health-care/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This board showcases a diverse array of healthcare interiors – from waiting rooms that look more like cosy hotel lobbies to picturesque oncology wards with wall to wall windows for natural light and a tranquil outlook. So many amazing looks and styles are featured here.

BOARD NAME: Design Interior – Health Care

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/gdGreatDesign/designinterior-health-care/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: There are a lot of high-end type interiors featured on this board, and they are a perfect example of the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities are increasingly focusing on a pleasing interior aesthetic as a way of facilitating the health and wellbeing of their patients.

BOARD NAME: Hospital Interior

URL: https://au.pinterest.com/yujinjung5/hospital-interior/

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: There are lots of sleek white finishes with pops of accent colours or warmth from muted neutrals. Clean and contemporary interiors are featured here, with finishes that evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. From dental offices to MRI centres, an array of settings are included. We’re sure that our favourite boards will set you off down the Pinterest rabbit hole in search of interiors inspiration. The great thing is that they showcase the beauty and diversity of healthcare design, which has come a long way in the last decade.

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