Project Profile: Stunning New Hospital Takes Shape In Bega

Bega has always been known for its cheese, but all of that is set to change. In a NSW first, the new South East Regional Hospital is the state’s first ever facility to be built from the ground up on a green-field site.


Located just minutes from Bega, the $160 million South East Regional Hospital will provide state-of-the-art medical facilities, and is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in the region. Featuring an emergency department, intensive care services, palliative care, oncology unit, renal dialysis, maternity, neonatal and paediatric units, the hospital is also a teaching facility. It has been specifically designed to take advantage of the northerly aspect on Bega River with views from every space – every ward and office has a window.


Bega brings to mind the lush green paddocks of grazing pastures, and the hospital is unique for the way that the surrounding landscape is incorporated into the building. The ability to customise colours and design was paramount to the successful delivery of the project aims, and the goal was to provide a state-of-the-art facility with ease of access and navigation. Safety for staff, patients and visitors was paramount, and Acculine was tasked with the responsibility of providing a number of custom solutions to help protect the building and its occupants within the context of a busy hospital environment. 


Acculine was chosen to supply and install a selection of corner guards, anti-ligature handrails, wall guards, door panels and door frame protection, specifically because we could provide custom colours and designs. The flexibility in being able to deliver a variety of colours and finishes was exactly what the building designers required, and enabled them to fulfil the architect’s vision. The ability to offer bespoke solutions lead to the development of a new innovative handrail return, enabling it to seamlessly join to the wall.

Providing defence against damage caused by wheelchairs, carts, trolleys, lifting machines and general wear and tear, Acculine’s entire range can be customised. Corner guards and wall guards were supplied and installed to protect the building from damage, and the addition of wall protection in vinyl sheeting and checker plate created low maintenance fascia’s with no need for patching or repair. Fire, fungal and bacterial resistance make these additions perfectly suited to the rigours of the hospital environment.

Doorways are a constant source of traffic in busy wards and offices, so the inclusion of door panels and door frame protection ensures that these areas are protected from damage by frequent use, regular impacts and accidents. Transition points are also vulnerable to accidents, so the inclusion of bespoke handrail solutions throughout the facility ensures the safety of staff, residents, clients and visitors.


Taking a collaborative approach, Acculine was able to work with the architects to successfully deliver an innovative space that focuses on the needs of the patients. Acculine has played an integral role in creating a restful, healing environment, contributing to the development of a low maintenance building that is appealing to the occupants and decorated with compatible colour schemes that evoke a calm and homely atmosphere. Acculine also implemented a variety of safety solutions to protect the building and its occupants from damage, accidents and injury.

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