Wall Protection

  • Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

    Rigid Sheet Wall Protection (8)

    Guard your walls from scratches, dents and scrapes with the addition of Palladium® rigid sheet, and provide a seamless look with accessories like top caps, divider bars and colour-matched caulk. Our Palladium® Rigid Sheet wall protection is available as standard PVC, or in G2 BioBlend®: a non-PVC, reformulated PETG that is manufactured using a biopolymer blend.
  • Crash Rail Wall Protection

    Crash Rail Wall Protection (11)

    Guard your walls from scratches, dents and scrapes by installing one of our wall guards. There's no need to let wheelchairs, hospital beds and service carts leave you with constant maintenance. Our durable Palladium vinyl is resistant to stains, scratches, mould and bacteria, and is available in a wide range of colours and wood grain finishes. Our range includes: Crash…
  • Chair Rails

    Chair Rails (3)

    Do you have a problem with chairs marking your walls? Our range of attractive chair rails can protecting your walls from scuff marks, whilst adding an attractive appeal to the interior of your waiting room or consulting suite.

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Interior Wall Protection

Wall protection is an essential finishing touch for any busy area where trolleys or vehicular traffic is present. No matter how careful staff are, interior walls and corners still incur damage from trolleys, wheelchairs and beds in any hospital corridor or public center and you would require interior wall protection to ensure safety & hygiene.

Eliminate the need for continual touch ups and patching of walls and corners by installing rigid vinyl sheet. Our vinyl is stain, scratch, impact, fungal and bacterial resistant and is fire rated for Group 1 building to ensure compliance & you get hygienic wall protection for your walls & corners.

Wall Corner Protectors

Adding our range of interior and hygienic wall protection solutions is the ideal way to reduce expensive repair and maintenance costs for your building, while maintaining a fresh new look for your interiors. Also using wall corner protectors would be the best possible solution.

  • Group 1 Fire Rated Wall Lining certification
  • G2 BioBlend (PVC free) option
  • Available in full colour range
  • Three thicknesses: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 0.7mm

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