Corner Guards

  • Slimline - Single Fit

    Slimline - Single Fit (5)

    "If you want to protect your corners without impacting the aesthetic appeal, then Inpro tape-on corner guards seamlessly blend into the wall, whilst providing the needed corner protection. If it’s a cost-effective solution that you’re after, tape-on corner guards also won't blow your budget. The low profile appearance offers minimal design interruption while offering maximum protection against pedestrian damage and…
  • High Impact - Two Piece System

    High Impact - Two Piece System (3)

    Corners and edges can be vulnerable to damage and disrepair in building interiors. Wear and tear can result from impact with equipment like wheelchairs and beds, or from passing foot traffic, and is a costly source of maintenance. High-Impact surface mount corner guards (especially the Blunose option) provide protection from heavy duty equipment and keep your corners intact.
  • Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty (5)

    For a truly heavy duty option, our rubber corner guards are designed to withstand severe damage caused by daily wheeled traffic. Trolleys, heavy machinery and loading equipment leave areas with scrapes, dents and damage, and our rubber guards are designed to protect areas like loading bays, back-of-house and warehousing. Nu•Tree® Corner Guards are also part of this range.
  • Flush Mounted

    Flush Mounted (2)

    Flush mount corner guards offer minimum design interruption, being ​installed integral with drywall/plaster walls, to create a smooth transition from wall to corner. They easily wrap cove base around corners with optional cove base retainer. Although recommended for full-height applications for ease of installation, partial-height applications are also possible with closure caps available.

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Corner guards reduce the incidence of damage to walls and are a cost-effective way of reducing maintenance costs and the need for regular repairs. Protection of corner walls from damage and keep your facility looking newer for longer with corner guards from Acculine. Whether you need a quick fix or an integrated, heavy duty solution, we have the right corner guards for your walls.

Browse our wide selection of tape-on, heavy duty, surface mount, stainless steel, and flush mount corner guards. Quick and simple to install, they are the ideal solution to protect against the rigours of daily wear and tear in busy healthcare settings.

Corner guards are necessary with wall corner protectors ensuring safety at your workplace.

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G2 BioBlend (PVC free) option
Available in full colour range

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