Photo Gallery: Top Three Products For Healthcare Settings

Healthcare facilities are some of the busiest community buildings, with significant levels of foot traffic from staff, guests and visitors. In addition to the high volume of traffic, these buildings are also at risk for internal damage to walls and corners from equipment and mobility devices as they move through corridors and doorways. Our range of products has been specifically designed to protect busy healthcare buildings and their occupants. Check out our gallery to see how they appear in action:


With a dual function that incorporates wall protection and decoration, rigid vinyl wall sheeting is the perfect choice of material for busy hospital and healthcare settings. Available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, it protects buildings from damage caused by wheelchairs, trolleys and other mobile equipment. Easy to clean – and with certified fungal and bacterial resistance – vinyl wall sheeting performs an important function when it comes to maintaining hygiene standards and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria within healthcare settings.


Combining rugged practicality with aesthetic appeal, clear polycarbonate corner guards defend against damage to walls and corners, without the unsightly appearance. Quietly and unassumingly doing their job without taking centre stage, these corner guards meet all the relevant safety requirements, including fire performance. Designers love them because they don’t interfere with the existing colour scheme, giving them more flexibility when it comes to choosing their palette. Custom heights and flexible angle options are also available.


The smooth, clean lines of this handrail are chic and contemporary in style, securely attaching to the wall to ensure safe passage and ease of navigation for staff and visitors. Meeting all the relevant quality assurance standards for Australia and New Zealand, the 940 handrail combines the perfect balance of appealing aesthetics and robust practicality that is required in health care settings. The smooth aluminium finish and vinyl covers are available in a wide range of colours, making them highly desired by architects and designers.

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