One Hospital FF&E item often overlooked

When we think about outfitting hospitals with Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment (FF&E), our minds often gravitate towards major medical equipment and essential furnishings. However, one crucial element that often flies under the radar of hospital FF&E professionals is Door and Wall protection.

While Door & Wall protection may be allocated to architects for specification, it’s imperative for hospitals to understand their functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. Experience plays a pivotal role in making informed decisions in FF&E procurement, as overlooking aspects like Handrails, Crashrails, Corner Guards, and Door Protection can lead to long-term repercussions.

Durable door and wall protection is essential to the longevity of a building

Allow me to illustrate this with two contrasting examples. Liverpool Hospital’s 2012 installation still boasts crashrails and handrails that appear as good as new, a testament to durable and well-selected protection choices. In stark contrast, Macquarie University Hospital, built in 2016, showcases a concerning state of disrepair in its protection fixtures. While factors like maintenance play a role, it’s evident that the quality of the protection itself makes a substantial difference.

We understand the challenges hospitals face in maintaining their infrastructure, which is why we at Acculine prioritize durability and quality in our products. When Glen McMahon from Macquarie University Hospital approached us in 2021 to address their deteriorating Door & Wall protection, we worked closely to provide solutions that not only met but exceeded his expectations.

Good Quality Protection

Poor Quality Protection

Liverpool Hospital

Product installed: 2012
Photo taken: 2023

Macquarie University Hospital

Product installed: 2016
Photo taken: 2023

Our commitment to excellence is echoed in Glen McMahon’s testimonial, where he highlights the superior quality of our products compared to their previous installations.

Incorporating durable Door and Wall protection is not just about aesthetics; it’s about safeguarding your hospital environment for years to come. If you’re ready to enhance both safety and aesthetics in your facility, let’s discuss how Acculine can assist you.