How does Acculine pricing compare to Acrovyn?

Note: Below price comparisons are current estimates at time of publishing and are subject to change without notice.

To assist you in finding the answer to this question, we have put together some cost guides, to give you accurate cost ranges of each of the main product categories.

That gives you the answer to half of your question. Now for the other half.

Acculine and Acrovyn often quote on the same large hospital contracts. Sometimes Acrovyn is selected as the supplier and sometimes Acculine is the successful supplier. This gives an overall indication that pricing is very compatible across both product ranges.

As there is no information available online that answers this question or gets into the specifics of each product, we have tried to draw on our experience to assist with this question.

Below is a guide on how much Acrovyn costs, compared to Acculine (from our clients experience on previous projects we have worked on).

  • Door Protection (stocked white & off-whites): (0 to -5% saving)
  • Door Protection (non-stocked colours): (-5 to 5% no difference)
  • Door Frame Protection: (-10 to 20% saving)
  • Corner Guards & Crashrails: (10 to 15% extra)
  • Handrails: (0 to 15% extra)

The above ranges show that Acrovyn products are more competitive in door protection typically, but less competitive with profiles such as crashrails and handrails.

Important note: It is important that you do your due diligence in understanding the differences between the each of the product ranges before making a decision based purely on this guide. As with any product, there are distinct differences that may justify a cost-variance in either range i.e. quicker installation, product lifetime etc.

Areas that Acculine pride themselves in are providing the widest stocked colour range of door and wall protection products as well as providing the most durable range of door and wall protection products to the Australian market. Currently Acculine have a enviable track record of supplying >75% of orders from stock and provide a 25 year product warranty across our entire Palladium range to provide our customers with long-term satisfaction.

Once again, these prices are very dependant on a number of variables, so please ensure you read the below buying guides to get a clear picture of what drives costs up and what drives them down.

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