Five Unexpected Health Care Colour Palettes That Work Well

Putting together appealing colour palettes is difficult, and getting it wrong can make spaces feel unpleasant, overwhelming or uncomfortable to be in. In health care it is particularly important to get it right, so to help you out we’ve chosen five unique colour palettes that work surprisingly well.


Warm and inviting colour palettes create a cosy feel that soothes and uplifts. The door panels in this room (Cinnabar) create warmth and solidity with their ruddy brown hues and the Beeswax kickers create the perfect contrast as an orange-hued accent. The Nutmeg Vinyl floors are reminiscent of stone granite, with warm flecks of subtle colour throughout. The curtains (Blissful Jasmine) and matching handrails and corner guards (Feather) add pops of warm beige to the palette, with walls in Crewelwork Half pulling the whole look together.


Traditional palettes have a classic feel that endures despite changes in trends. This palette combines a number of warm neutrals to create a calm and soothing environment, with accent colours of chocolate-hued browns on the doors (Dark Brown) and handrails (Hazelwood). Natural White walls are offset by grey kickers and corner guards (White Sand), and the entire palette is pulled together in the Boulevard Wisteria curtain, which features vertical stripes in shades of brown, grey, tan and beige. Nutmeg Vinyl flooring adds a light and airy feel.


Nature-inspired palettes evoke a calming presence that soothes and heals. The Natural White walls create the perfect blank canvas for shades of green, grey and brown to pop, with handrails in Beige and kickers in Cactus. The Incognito Greengrass curtain combines organic tones in vertical ombre, with a repeating tree motif to reflect the serenity of the natural world. The deep shade of charcoal in the door panels (Truffle) perfectly complements the flecks of stoney grey in the Alabaster Vinyl flooring.


The crisp, clean feel of this colour palette comes from an inspired combination of bright blues and cool greys. The Blue Mist handrail pops against the Natural White walls and reappears as a repeating accent colour in the door panels and corner guards. These refreshing bursts of blue are grounded by the dark grey kickers (Storm Break) and the cool grey flecks found in the vinyl flooring (Ice Crystal). Bringing the look together are the curtains (Illuminati Alfalfa), featuring on-trend grey tones that are chic and contemporary.


For something a little bit bold, this colour palette shakes things up with Periwinkle door panels and walls. If that burst of colour wasn’t enough, the bright peacock blue handrails in Ash Royale and the striking pops of colour in the lime green curtains (Lineage Turf) certainly make a bold statement. This funky palette creates a uniquely uplifting energy, and the reason it works so well is that it is accented by the White on White kickers and corner guards and grounded by the grey-hued vinyl flooring in Ice Crystal Vinyl.

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