Acculine – Your Local Supplier of Door & Wall Protection

We understand that it is important for architects, builders and building owners to know the origin and supply chain of materials they source, for the following reasons…

  • To support local jobs as much as possible
  • To ensure that their supplier has materials when they need it
  • To predict how any world events might adversely affect availability or costs
  • To ensure that materials used are from an ethical supply chain, for social responsibility and legal reasons

Mostly it is very difficult to trace supply chains back to their original source, mostly because they are more complex than they appear on the surface. COVID-19 has exposed how important a reliable supply chain is, even in seemingly protected industries that manufacture everything locally. We have researched our supply chain thoroughly.

We are pleased to say that 50% of our fabrication and manufacture happens locally in Australia, either in our in-house manufacturing facility at Broadmeadows VIC or by other local suppliers. This gives us the flexibility to respond to customer demands quickly to tailor a procurement solution that works for them. We at Acculine are set to turn the industry on its head, by challenging the status quo and the stigma that Door & Wall protection has earned in the past, for its notoriously long leadtimes and last minute delays.

In close partnership and collaboration with Inpro Corporation, headquartered in Wisconsin, United States, we work to ensure that our customers get products when they need it and have the flexibility to meet the ever changing demands on construction. Having a background in supply & installation on major Tier 1 construction projects, we acutely understand how frustrating and costly inflexible procurement can be and are set to change the stigma that Door & Wall protection has earnt itself in the Australian market.

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