How does Acculine pricing compare to Acrovyn?

Price is always a factor in any decision, even where a client wants a premium product. A question we often get is ‘How does your pricing compare to Acrovyn?’ (Acrovyn are one of our main competitors in case you are wondering and are a great company with a global presence and years of experience).

Aside from the fact that some of our products are different in performance, texture, colours and appearance and some products are totally unique, to many, they are the same on face value.

In short, we often come head-to-head with Acrovyn on large Tier 1 Hospital construction projects and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Without knowing Acrovyn’s exact costs, this gives an indication that we are both within the ballpark of each other.

Please read our blog : What does Wall Protection cost or What do Corner Guards cost, for more specific information on pricing and variables that can increase or reduce the cost.

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